DR Auto Sales in Scottsdale AZ is one of those dealerships that advertise $500 down but when you get there you wont see $500 down anywhere. In fact they will have you commit bank fraud and lie to the bank about how much you gave for a down payment. They sell used cars at high interest rates. Worst of all they won't even inspect your car before you buy because they don't have a mechanic on staff. The cars come straight from auction right to you. Cars are sold as is at auction and they will sell the car to you as is. Once something breaks I hope you have $4000 to fix a transmission like other customers have had to do. But maybe you'll just let the car go if it breaks? Don't worry they will sue you and garnish your wages because you signed one of their ridiculous contracts.

Stay very far away from this dealership and other dealerships that use this business model. 


We recommend bigger dealerships like Auto Action which is directly across the street and offer newer reliable cars as little as $499 down or New Deal which is down the street. Always buy from a bigger dealership that have the capital and staff to take care of you and your vehicle.  Both Auto Action and New Deal have full time mechanics in place that are actually certified and able to inspect your car pre sale as well as after if any issues arise. 

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