Did you know that dealerships that use banks like DR Auto Sales in Scottsdale AZ cannot sell you a $10,000 car with $500 down? Banks require a minimum of 10-20% down which means you're looking at $2,000 down when you get there. Small dealerships like DR Auto Sales that use banks all use the same banking system. They all go through banks such as United Auto Credit, Westlake, Veros Credit, and Challenge Financial. DR Auto Sales in Scottsdale, AZ sales team will actually suggest you lie to the bank about how much you gave as a down payment so they can get you approved. This is bank fraud on your end and guess who gets hurt? YOU! When the bank finds this out they will cancel your contract with them for fraud and you will be out your down payment which DR Auto Sales pockets as well as be carless. 

If you need a car for $500 down check out Auto Action or Cactus Jacks who don't use banks and have ASE certified mechanics that actually inspect vehicles before selling them. These guys are their own banks and can finance you without having you commit bank fraud.